Monday, 15 May 2017


Inspiration comes from many places.  I have previously mentioned that embroidery gives me great inspiration, not just to embroider, but to knit.  I have talked about how inspiration from all kinds of sources whets my appetite to simply do something, anything that will soothe this urge, this need to make something with my hands.

I was wasting time on Pinterest today.  It may be a little passe to be a pinnner, but it does have a place for all kinds of things that inspire me in some way or other.  And if nothing directly on my Pintrest page interests me, following links to other pages or just typing a word will find me in places that just blow me away.

Today I came across something on Pinterest and you just have to see it.  I will put up several links for you in case you have trouble with one or the other.   If you can't see it google the artists name and look at the images.  Mind blowing.

 Try here on a Facebook link, or try my Pintrest gallery here for a few views of her work.

Verklempt.  No possible way to add more to this.

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Anonymous said...

Mind blown! Thanks for the link. There is an amazing mind at work there.
Chris S in Canada