Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Today is going to be a busy day for me. And stressful or not.  Maybe.  Wow.  That is almost as smart/stupid as my life seems to be right now.  Every turn is good/weird/not awful but stressful.  The stress will come to a finish, but I am not so sure when.  Meanwhile I shall knit. 

The scarf goes with me today and what with all the sweater knitting, nothing has been added of any significance. I did just start the last little ball of colour.  The sweater only had 8 rows added yesterday, so nothing new there.  

I want to show you something I found as I was taking pictures of all the deep stash.

On occasion, I come across something, a pattern something, and I go a little off the deep end over it.  That was the case with Taiga , a really lovely vest with the most interesting middle section. I want to knit this vest.  Badly.

I have several different yarn choices for it, but the one I thought I would knit it in is this.

Queensland Kathmandu.  I really do love this yarn but I am not sure it will give me what I want.  And here is why.

No punch.  They kind of blend into one another and the colourwork effect will probably just whimper away.  There is a difference in tone but is it enough that this simple colourwork of Taiga will be the wow it was meant to be? Will the punch of the tweedy bits in the green carry it?

When I was knitting Brian's colourwork vest, I had a friend show me this trick.

Yarns in colour and

yarns no colour.  I used this trick to wind up with this final 4 yarn choices and it worked marvelously.  They were each distinct yet very balanced in the no colour picture.  No one yarn colour packed too much punch or too little. His vest was even better than the pictures show

 though I must say, they do show pretty darn good.

My yarn choices for Taiga might be okay.  Only the swatching will say for sure and I am a ways from that. But I find myself here contemplating colours and choices and why I become obsessed with a garment. And I find myself contemplating what to do if the colours don't work.  

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Christine said...

Dang it. Your post has reminded me that I have a half-knit Taiga lying around here somewhere. Was doing it in black & white lett lopi, but got worried that I didn't have enough white and set it down for a bit. Perhaps I will knit along with you on this one.