Thursday, 13 April 2017

To sock it or not

I have almost finished my stash project.  It took a lot less time than I thought.  It really just was a filler task for about 3 days, all done between knitting and chores and stuff.

A shot from the alpaca box

Almost the only thing I haven't uploaded photos of yet is the sock yarn.  Honestly, that is a little daunting.  I mean I know what yarns they are, more or less, but there are just so many skeins.  I did debate about not finishing it but the mass of empty squares irritates me.  I also need to do photos of all the Knitpicks Palette I have so that when I use it for colourwork, I can plan from a chair instead of only being able to do it when I dig.

After that, the next big job is to go through all the older projects and link them up with yarns that are still showing in the stash, and then setting those yarns to all used up. There are a lot of empty squares and so many things that are not connected that I would like to be.

Giving myself the ability to plan more effectively for projects is what this is all about.  Will this work together?  Why is this a silly idea?  What amounts do I have and is that a colour I feel like knitting now?

It was a big job and it feels good to have it mostly complete.  It reawakens me to all the possibilities in my stash.

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