Friday, 17 March 2017

Taking that first step.

I don't know how many people still are avid Knitty watchers.  There does seem to be some small cooling of knitting and a little upswing of other crafts.  Do you still wait eagerly for the new issues?  I sure do.

The spring issue just dropped and I already know one thing that I would love to knit.  The white shawl.  I love that.  It is just a little unique.    Only one problem for not starting it right this minute.

It is a fingering weight shawl.  I am wanting to do a series of lace wieght shawls.  Now I know that there is not reason that I can't just make it in a lace weight, but it means I would have to wing it for gauge to get a size that works and muddle around trying to enlarge it.  I'm not quite sure that I want the very first shawl in the series to be something I have to modify heavily. But it sure is a lovely thing.

Another pattern that I am leaning to heavily is Nancy Bush's Lilac Leaf Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia.  I have loved this delicate thing since before I had my own copy of the book.  From that same book, there is also the Lehe shawl.  I started one for myself a long time ago, but I made a poor yarn choice and was never going to have enough yarn.  But I do remember knitting it, and remember how hard it was to face up to that fact that it was not going to work out.  Lehe is still very much in the game too.

And then there are some of the other lovely things from Knitty.  Bitterroot, which I have knit before is in the running.  Lilaceous would continue my pleasure in knitting leafy things. Regenerate is right up there too. Torryeanna would be challenging but oh so very lovely.

The problem with knitting shawls is where to start.  With a garment, I know what I am aiming for and deciding usually comes down to which yarn I really hunger to work with.  But a shawl.  I don't know where to begin and I am not sure how to choose.  

Perhaps the best ting is to put the names of the shawls in a bowl and do a little draw.  And then I can knit the one I draw, or not.  But it would be as much a start as looking at the many many patterns and designs.  

Time to go to the yarn I guess, and pick one.  And begin. 

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