Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A very busy day

This morning I had no where to go and nothing to do.  It was a very busy day.  

I knit a bunch on my sweater.

The sweater is beginning to look very sweater like.  A couple more inches and it will be long enough I think.  I want it comfortably long enough when I sit but not tunic like.  I have a little bit to go on this skein and then an entire other skein, so I do have some room to play.  There will be some colour on the sleeves and a touch of gray to finish them off.  That will leave me with just enough gray for a bit more of a collar. I hope. If not I can add a little colour there too, but only enough to accent it all.

It is hard to see it here, but I am letting it pool.  I love the splotches of vibrant gold and cherry interspersed with the much more solemn gray.  If you are going to wear colours that aren't really good with your skin and hair, do so with wild abandon but away from your face.

This afternoon I spent a good long time spinning.  I have that nice reddish braid that I want to finish.  Then I can free up that bobbin, and get set up for some plying. I have only a very very little to do and I can move forward.

All in all, a good but very busy day.  It was really really nice.


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