Monday, 20 March 2017

Truth or Dare

That point in the project where it is time to face the music, where you play a little truth or dare with yourself.

So, here I am, binding off the bottom. It's actually where the bottom is almost done, and it is time for a first free of everything try on.

Oh don't get me wrong.  I love this part.  It's close to complete.  Love.  It is where you know if it works or not, but it is also where failure can whack you upside the back of the head, and can laugh and laugh and laugh.

This one is complicated.  I adore how this yarn feels on my skin.  Soft and really great.  But yes, the colours are not quite perfect for me and I can feel it as much as see it.  That, more than any other thing is really clear to me. I knew that going in so I am not overly bothered by it.

It also did not need as many increases as I did on the lower body.  That is a little wider than I would like.  The length is perfect though.  The collar is a little wide on my shoulders, but I am not concerned about that too much.  I planned for a few changes once I had the body done.

The only thing that will be addressed, maybe is the sides.  I think that taking it in about 4 stitches on either side will make the world of difference.  I will probably create a faux seam at the underams without steeking.

Unless this becomes a cardigan. If it becomes a cardigan, all these small shortcomings might be exactly the thing it needs.

And that is the truth I am looking at this morning.


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