Sunday, 12 February 2017


I had a really lovely weekend.  Two whole days just to play in my stuff.  Big changes happened and knitting and a little something else too.  It was so good, it didn't even matter that the power was out for the better part of Sunday.

 So first, in the settling department.  The sewing station is ready to use.

  I reorganized the yarn closet. I took out a shelf and restacked everything and it all fits quite nicely.  I sorted through all the many small boxes and ordered things to fit the current space and shelves.  I put my mass of elastics and all the sewing bits and pieces in my little metal Ikea chest.  

The second' station is set up  and things are set out.  I have a short folding table that now holds the drum carder, the ball winder, the scale and the swift.  No pictures yet because while things are set out, they are not in order.

While I was setting out the embroidery hoops to use as display by the sewing station, I took a few minutes to finish one small project.

I picked this up once in a while and did a bit and magically, towel one of three is done.  Still needs a wash and  good ironing, but it is going straight into service.  We sure do need the dish towels. 

And some knitting too. 

While I did find the sweater I want to finish up quickly, these socks were at hand and were what was knit on.  Thankfully I am past the heel flap.  More on flaps tomorrow.  This pattern continues to be fun to knit, and when a thing is fun, everything just goes better.

And that pretty much covers my weekend.  It was wonderful.

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