Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Flap Flap

As any of my sometimes readers know, I like socks.  I like all kinds of sock knitting.  Top down.  Toe up.  Side to side?  Got to get to work on that. I am pretty sure I have a pattern. But socks?  Oh yes.  Every time, all the time.

Even so, I did slowly find that I enjoyed knitting socks in certain ways more than others.  Over time, as many people know, I found that I used tricks for sock knitting that made everything faster and easier by my estimation.

Last year, for the first time in the almost 10 years I have been knitting, I started knitting sock patterns.  This is a huge departure for me.  My vanilla socks take me a long way to contentment but I felt stale and a little empty.  So patterns it was.  I have several on the needles and I like that.

With all these slightly unusual for me socks on the needles, it reminds me just why and how I came to be a very plain sock knitter. I like my afterthought heels, and even the odd short row heel.  And my good old garter square toe.  I love the way it fits me.  And I love how simple it is to work while you are sitting with little people around you.  Helping.

I hate heel flaps.  Heel flaps are deadly boring knitting. No getting around that.  I really do dislike the flaps.

I have two heel flap socks on the go right now, the two that you have seen this last week and a bit and was at the flap part on both of them. 

Thankfully I got past it on one, but as I was working to do so, I realized it didn't matter that turning a heel was still just about the coolest thing in knitting.  Did not matter at all.  I just do not like knitting the flap. I would prefer to be flap free, if you will.

Still, I am not going to give up on knitting other kinds of heels and toes and dive back into a pool of only afterthough heels.  I am made of sterner stuff and I can handle it. Diversity is the name of the game.

But I sure am going to plan it better next go round.

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