Friday, 10 February 2017

Socks du jour

So with one thing done and a sock repaired, I am ready to feel good about my knitting life again.

Do you remember these socks?  I think I was trying to forget the trauma.  I can tell I was under stress because sock 2 was knit pretty tightly.  It was also short 6 stitches.  How I did not figure that out at the start of the sock, I do not know.

It's a great pattern, Nutkin by Beth LaPensee.  I wasn't sure that it would fit as I wanted it to, so I added a stitch between each pattern repeat, , a knit between the two purls .  I forgot that on this sock. The other two stitches?  I had only 1 purl between pattern repeats in 2 sets.

I took this pair of socks along because Marcus would love to help take it apart.  Turns out he wasn't interested in helping for a change, nor was he interested in 'helping' with knitting.  I got quite a bit done in the time I did work on it.

As you see, the pattern is well established.  This pattern is a lot of fun to knit.  It ranks right up there with Cookie A's Monkey Socks.  There isn't a lot of intense brain work required.  It is fairly intuitive once you get going.  And there is a lot of pattern bang for your sock knitting buck. 

Sock one is done.  Sock two, well underway.  And that is a fine thing for a Friday.

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