Thursday, 9 February 2017


My how things can change on the turn of a dime. 

I was feeling tired, and under pressure and as if I was never going to be inspired by anything again. And all it took was a little knitting and some time to just sit.  Well, that and  finished project.

I do have to even ends of that messy fringe and attach it to make the loop, but the knitting is done.

I was just using up yarns that looked nice together.  There isn't a pattern really. I just cast on 300 stitches and went. I am much less  in love with the fringe.  Not going to do that again. I could have cast off anytime really, but yesterday I was inspired.

 It occurred to me, that yarns like this, may look wonderful in a Wurm hat.  It has the right kind of squishines, perhaps saggieness is a better word, to work with this mix of yarns and weights, so long as I keep the gauge the same, it would make a really fine addition and complete the set.

I didn't know I was making a 'set'. Everything changed and that is all to the good.

Updated to add the yarn information.

Starting at the large blue ball, A Lang soft single that is discontinued, name long forgotten.
Peter Rabbit from Fleece Artist
Beige in the centre from a local alpaca producer
and down to the very soft brown   Elsbeth Lavold Angora
the very bottom ball, a Fleece Artist sock yarn but I am not sure which one
the  delicate blue, Schulana Angora ( is this the one?)  very soft and delicate
a creamy lace weight from a local supplier
and lastly a yarn with some glitter from a local spinner and fibre artist.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Needles,

The project is a really lovely colour balance. I really love the light blue colour in the mix - what is it called? It makes such a pop.