Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Knitting, but not mine

I have a pretty regular spinning session set once a week and it is doing great things for my spinning and drafting.  It is also wonderful that I have gone back to one of the nicest things I have ever done - using my crafting to connect with dear friends.

Before I knit, I worked in an office, a small office and only knew 3 women that I could call friends.  Even there, work friends are a very different thing than friends in your personal life.  I only had 2 friends.  That isn't a lot for a woman.  Women need to talk.  It's part of our way of getting stress out of our system.  We are sharers ans givers and we thrive in places where we can do these things.  I feel this is where sewing bees and shared work in so many facets of women's history developed from, from the need and the knowledge that by sharing, we are more effective and efficient.  Please know, this is just my opinion, and not something I have studied in depth.  Though I may yet do so.

When I found knitting, I found my people.  I found a large group of people so different than I, and yet we are drawn together by a love of needles and yarn.  Or weaving and yarn.  But there is yarn in there always.  After getting involved with a knitting group, I read a post from a person who worked but who wanted to get together for knitting too.  It seemed like a great idea to get out and meet more people.

And so, I met Christine, Frazzledknitter on Ravelry, who has just become such a good friend.  I was planning a little surprise for her, which may yet come to be, but it will be late, as most of my planned knit projects are, but there it is. 

I was hoping to surprise her and instead, she surprised me! She made me a tiny squirrel.

I adore this wee thing with it's jaunty hat and scarf.  It's just the sweetest. The  first knitting, living at my new home!

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