Monday, 2 January 2017

Project Found

I spent much too long looking at patterns yesterday, but I did come up with the right thing.  And then a yarn that it might very well be fated for.

Pattern choice:  Elfe

Yarn choice: 

Three Irish Girls Felicity.  This yarn is distinctly different than what is asked for.  They use a fingering weight.  This is worsted and a sort of dense worsted at that.  I think it will work because the pattern gauge is 20 stitches on 4 inches.  The are obviously looking for a very drapey fabric and I have followed their lead by using a 5 mm needle and a gauge of 4.25 stiches per inch. 

So far, it looks great.  My row gauge is different too and I am debating if I ought to recalculate for it.  I want to hold the spirit of the fibonaci like stripes.  They make me happy, but I also don't want the stripes to start till just at the top of the shoulder. 

Anyway, it's a lovely design, with its contiguous shoulder, and  it's simple shape.  I can use a few more vest like shirts. I can actually use a few more basic sweaters, but that has to wait till after my move.

Which may or may not happen next week.  The landlord came home sick today when I was over there getting ready for our family Christmas.   If he is sick I can't move.  He has to vacate the upstairs rooms to his downstairs suite.  Which kind of looks like this. 

 I begged for this space but he demanded he be able to choose.  You can't get past the fact that this is his house so I lost.  Sigh.

There are some details left to do, like the bathroom and his study and his laundry.  But these basic rooms are enough to make it happen.  I just want to feel like I have a bit of a life again.  I love my kids and their kiddies, and love being here but it is so easy to get lost in their life and forget to have one of my own.  Moving should help make that happen again.   

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Christine said...

The room looks wonderful!