Thursday, 5 January 2017


I have actual knitting!  My actual knitting.

Elfe, under construction.

I have just moved on to the second stripe, this time the stripe is 4 of the multi and will be followed by8I think of the plain grey.  And so on.

One of my issues using this yarn is that I only have 2 of the plain gray,  and 3 of the multi.  I am not entirely sure the the multis would be great close to my face.  I completely love these colours, and do wear them,.  I've come to find that I can wear anything, so long as I use those colours farther from my face.  The multis will make up the lower body.  No matter when the plain runs out, I doubt it will be noticed.

It was also my birthday yesterday, and let me tell you, No Grandma has ever been treated so nicely.  From a good morning song and a bit of crazy dancing to the charming help blowing out my candles and eating my cake, I am so lucky.  I love my kids and kiddies alike. 

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