Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Here I am, here I am....the line is from a childrens song.  I sing a lot of those lately, but here I am.

Most of Christmas remains ahead for me, and the next few days will tell exactly how that Christmas will be.  I won't be moved there yet, but will probably start the week after.  This week, we are painting all the main areas and one of the bedrooms.  That will mean that the he can live downstairs and I can get all my things under one roof.  There is still a lot to do, but much of it can be picked off weekend by weekend, bit by bit.

Knitting But knitting is in my dreams for the near future.  With these lovely things.

I think this is going to be a First Point of Libra Shawl.  I am a big fan of Laura Aylor's work and  this gradient kit would be perfect for it.  I haven't quite decided what main color I will use.  Probably a cream because I have cream Lion Brand Wool Ease sock yarn and I know where it is.  It will look lovely.  And from all I have seen, looks like a wonderfully simple knit.  I need that.  Simple but interesting.  

And an unexpected spinning treat!

It's just a generic wool, a no name giant dyed ball of fibre.  But it was just too pretty to leave behind.  

A lot has to happen before these things will be mine to do.  I will admire them from afar.  And dream.

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Christine said...

Beautiful colours! Very happy to hear that progress is being made in the house, too. Go, painters!!