Saturday, 24 December 2016

The only for Christmas Present

Cassie has a little girlie dressing table.  Nothing fancy mind.  Just a toy her mommy found at the recycle place.  It didn't have a stool with it and daddy put a bug in my ear that she would love one for Christmas.  First up, what will work for a seat?

I looked at all sorts of little seat things and they all seemed just a bit pricey for something that would only be used with a toy.  It has to be a useful thing too.  The kids have a small room and always can use somewhere to store things.  I tried a couple things and came up with this.

Ikea strikes again.

But it strikes well.  These are a cube storage thing, very similar ti some I had at my wee house, but sturdier and stronger.  These have a metal frame and a firm top.  They will be great for an average person to sit on.  They shoukd be kid proof too.

They come in white, black, and a bright yellow, which is what mine are. White would never work what with the kids and the cats and dogs.So black it is.

So black it is.  But it is dark for my sunny little girl.    So grandma pulled out her tools and did a little embroidery.

 And done.  Now to assemble it all.

Update  to add, Once it was completely assembled, I realized it needed another flower.

 And a little more tweaking...

 Yes.  Much better. 

 So, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.  I will be back to blogging sometime between Christmas ans New Years.

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