Wednesday, 30 November 2016

In Between

In between all the other little bits the last few weeks, I knit myself a pair of mittens.

It all started with Cassie's school mittens.

Making her a pair of mittens  means I have to make a pair for Marcus.

  Which reminded me that when we cleaned my car last spring, there was only one good pair of mittens in it,.  Since I always carry several extra pair, or rather I prefer to carry a couple extra emergency pairs, I realized that it was time to make some for me too. 

I think this mitten thing is replacing the socks for a bit.  That's ok.  It good knitting..  I also think that I have 2 other grandchildren that I would like to knit some sturdy boys in the snow mittens for.  And I might make Cassie a better, warmer pair than her first ones too.

And I do have a lot of that Red Drops Big Fable...

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Sel and Poivre said...

Mittens have totally replaced sock knitting for me. The brisk walking for an hour or so twice daily with the dog is great for my health and mental outlook but terribly hard on socks. Hence I only get to wear "good" ones on the weekends when my husband does the dog walking (and my body gets a rest!).

Meanwhile the same walks that destroy socks make mittens even more important!