Thursday, 1 December 2016

When You Wing It.

There are things you have to do when you wing it.  I am taking these lovely designs and making them work for my family and me.

To do that, you have to expect a lot of re-dos.  Or frequent try ons.    We opt for try ons. It can be a little challenging getting wee sweaters to a point where a try on will tell you what you need to know, and having my wee girlie be ready to cooperate.  Me?  I am smart and I wait till daddy is home.  She will do anything for her daddy.  And so we tried it on.

It firts!  I never quite trust it till I see it on her, or me, but when it fits, it makes finishing ever so easy.

And it does fit.  Rather nicely if I do say so.

As you can see, there areonly 2 rounds of the ribbed sections before the splitting for the arms.  It won't look right if the shoulders are too wide, so the third round of coloured ribbing is going to be sans increases and on the body and the sleeves.

It's bright, eye poppingly so., I grant you that, but when my wee girlie tried it on, her eyes just glowed.  It is always so wonderful when your little ones love what you are knitting for them.

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