Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Because it was a slower day

I had a full day planned with my kiddies, but it turned out, to be far less busy than I thought.  Marcus had a good nap and Cassie and I had a good talk about her need for another sweater.  Sadly, her last year sweater is too small for this big little girl. 

She just wants a pretty sweater.  Grandma wants one that is fun.  Mama wanted a red one but Grandma had a strong urge to knit some pretty fuschia and a skein of Socks That Rock Sherbet. 

Cassie's only specific request was that she wanted buttons.  She is just learning to do them on her own and she is determined to master the technique.  She will have buttons of course.  Something that will make her feel accomplished.  Maybe  be yellow buttons.  Just simple yellow buttons.

And Grandma will get to have some fun.  Mama may have to wait for a red one.

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