Thursday, 13 October 2016

Wherein I Spin

 I have been meeting a friend to spin once a week since I moved back to my big house.  It is one of the mainstays of my week. 

It means there is actual spinning production, though it seems that it has not increased the amount of finished yarn I produce. 

I have come to realize that I have a little thing about plying, it seems and the more I watch other spinners and talk and listen and read, the more I come to understand just what the heck my trouble is.  One day soon, I will have enough fibre spun up to see if the things I have been thinking about will change plying where my biggest difficulties lie, in my head.

Isn't that the way though.

In the meantime, I have singles.

 Not evenly loaded on the bobbin.  Sigh.  I sorely need a needle nosed pliers in my spinning kit. I love the sliding flyer hooks, but you do have to squeeze them firmly once in a while, to give them a little tension on the flyer.   It is several months since I did that, and it really is starting to show up as the yarn winds on.  No matter.  One of my solutions to my plying thing is going to be rewinding bobbins before plying.  That will give me a chance to even it up some. 

But, I am pretty pleased with my singles spinning.  This bobbin isn't nearly as pretty as the first, but I am becoming more even the more hours I clock on my wheel.

I took some pictures of the loveliness happening on the other wheel.  My one still photo was horridly fuzzy so I give to you the very lovely, but almost surreal pictures.

Everything looks still, but for the flyer and the yarn itself.  the yarn looks almost as if it was drawn on by an animators hand.  Mildly surreal in a still photo.  You don't see the lovely work in detail, but you get a really really great look at the colours of this braid.

There is some knitting to do today, and then, if the weather report this morning is anything to go by, some packing and possibly some driving.  The weather is supposed to get bad again as rain and snow are in the forecast.  The snow is doable, but I am not a fan of driving in freezing rain.  Leaving early might be a smart move. 

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Christine said...

Oh my gosh, I love that last photo! It reminds me of the Cassini photos of Saturn. Thank you for capturing that moment!