Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Pretty Pretty

I finished the back of the sweater yesterday and was left with an entire evening where if I could have knit more, I would have.  My hands gave out, long before my desire to knit did yesterday.  I was left, digging through my current projects, looking at books and oh so pretty pictures, and not a whole lot else. 

This morning I got up and I was so ready to knit, much readier to knit than to write, much readier to knit than to shower.  I sat myself down to work it out of my system.

If you have to work the need to knit out of your stem before you start your day, the sensible thing to do is to pick up socks.  There are 3 pairs in the works here, and all of them are pretty.  This morning demanded pretty but not requiring brains.  I picked up these. 

Slip stitch is easy to tell if you have messed up a row, and there is only one possible thing you can do wrong.  This was the pair that struck my fancy today.  The longer I work with this yarn, the more I like it.  It is such a stimulating pattern and I still think about going back to get another skein. 

It's time to get my day underway.  I am spinning today with a friend and it is a school morning here for my granddaughter.  Plenty to do in a short few hours and pretty knitting to get me started.   

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