Monday, 31 October 2016

It's Back

There was a time not so long ago, this morning for instance, when I thought my sweater knitting mojo had up and left me.  I've been feeling that way for many many months, as far back as moving to my wee house.

It was surely a symptom of everything else that was going on in my life, and was absolutely part of the grieving.  Sure I knit sweaters during the last few years, and I did enjoy them, but I never just sat down and went a completely different direction and was utterly thrilled to do it.  That happened today.

It all started with the vest I have been working on.  I was having a miserable time putting sleeves on the thing.  I did pull it back, and I was meaning to redo them, but I just didn't have the heart for it.  The first thing I did was to sew up side seams.  And then I tried it on.  It changed from bad to yeah, I can do this. And suddenly I had nothing to knit and a lot of yarn .

I wondered what else I could do with the yarn.  I have been thinking about contiguous sleeve again.  It's quite a while since I did some of those,.  I looked at the list of sweaters by yarn weight, and I saw the perfect thing.


It's really the perfect thing.  Almost before I knew it, I was knitting.  I finished the collar and everything just moved so fast.

  Because I have 2 gray yarns to make this, and because this isn't the right sweater for stripes (my opinion.  YMMV), I am going  to switch colours at the end of the garter stitch section.  I will probably add in a bit of the light gray in the hem garter stitch.  If I have some, that is, but otherwise 2 grays and simple colour blocks. 

It's moving along marvelously, and first fit will tell if I am doing alright.  But whatever.  It feels good and wonderful and filled with mojo.

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Christine said...

LOVE this! Sounds like you've found a perfect combination of yarn & pattern. Can't wait to see it in person.