Monday, 31 October 2016

It's a Garbled World.

My keyboard is garbled this morning.  Which means I have been working on posting but nothing is happening except for bzurblgerp. 


Or maybe it's just being interfered with by the knitting gods.  They have been wreaking havoc here.  I redid the top sections of the vest and while it's better, it still isn't a garment I would wear.  I have a plan to turn it into a sweater but it's not cooperating with me. 

This is sleeve two.  It's about to be sleeve three.  I have no doubt, there will be a sleeve 4.  Thankfully, this yarn is asturdy prairie yarn (Custom Woolen Mills Mulespinner 2 ply) so it can handle it. 

I will persevere.  One way or another, it will end up as something decent.  And if not...well, there are some garments that end up good enough for home.  And nowhere else. 

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