Wednesday, 14 September 2016

What sweater?

I am an olympic level champion procrastinator. 

It takes me absolutely no effort at all to find something else absorbing in order to avoid working on the sweater.  In this case it is particularly goofy, because I already did the pickup for the stitches for the button band and all I have to do right now is knit for 8 or 10 rows.  It is silly to be avoiding it but the evidence quite clearly shows, that is what I am doing.

I did talk about starting another sock to knit while I was upstairs.  And I did.  I picked something that would be fun and lacy and where there was something new to learn.

I started the Brussels Lace Socks from Stephanie Van Der Linden's Around the World in Knitted Socks.  The pattern begins with a folded over cuff and I haven't done one of those yet.  Fiddly, if I might say, but very nice once it is complete.  We shall see how it goes in the wearing.  I need a good stretchy cuff and I do hope that this works out. 

And then I just kept knitting.  It is s simple little chart, and because it is a sock, the knitting and the chart rows move along swiftly.  It is entirely possible that, after years, since 2007, of knitting plain vanilla socks, I have been bitten by whatever bug it is that drives people to knit patterned socks.

I have knitted my way through 4 plus hours of 'The Code' (out of Australia and pretty darn good.) and gone through the first repeat of the chart.  There are two repeats on the calf portion of the sock, so I guess I would now be about one quarter of the way through this project.  Thing is, my spirit is very, very willing to keep working but my hands are giving up.

I had a good talk with myself about knitting to long and injuring myself.  I might not get to knit at all tomorrow, and that would be rest enough, right?  but I am expecting a fairly quiet day.  Cassie has just started preschool so it is just Marcus and myself tomorrow morning.  Marcus gets in a lot less trouble without his big sister helping.   The afternoon is nap time, so that isn't a problem.  There could be a lot of knitting time. 

It is also late.  I get up early.  There is that.  School mornings are always a little rushed so keeping routine is very important in the excitement of school for my sweet thing. 

I must quit knitting.  The stopping place is right.  It is late.  My hands need a break.  I have every reason to put my work aside and go to bed. 

But oh how I want...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it isn't pure procrastinating. Perhaps it is a fear of finishing. GD