Thursday, 15 September 2016

If you give a mouse a cookie

There is a children's story called if you give a mouse a cookie, which, if you know it, you already know where this post is going.  But it is a truth, universally acknowledged among knitters, that, if you leave a ball of brightly coloured sock yarn sitting around, you will end up with socks.

 I have bright but when I started knitting with it, I found something unexpectedly spectacular, far beyond the simplicity of bright.

 This is the instep of the sock, using Jaya Srikrishnan's Prism pattern. It's a nice little slip stitch thing.  Pure and simple.  I will show you the back side so you can see the difference between plain vanilla and Prism.  

It is very reminiscent of the kind of colours you get on the very complex colourwork of Turkish socks.  Either way, I win.

I took a bit of a stop at my local Micheal's this evening.  I really just went for the embroidery floss, but I haven't been at that store for a long time.  I wandered through the yarn aisles too and came home with some of the very nice Lion Brand Sock Ease and a couple balls of Kroy in a colourway I did not have.

I put this in a bag that I cannot see through...

because if you leave a ball of sock yarn in plain sight, will end up with socks.

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