Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Something Not different

I had the biggest urge to knit on Saturday morning. Huge.  Giant.  But I did not have the brainpower to do anything serious.

I dug in the boxes and out popped the new sock yarn skeins.  New, as in they haven't made it into the sock stash container.  I pulled out a random ball and went searching for a pattern.

Yes.  I did.  Went searching for a pattern.  That seems to be a regular thing lately.  I want to knit socks, but if I start a new pair, there is always this niggling thought that maybe it is time to knit sock patterns. By then it was time to go watch the kiddies for the morning.  I spent another couple of hours searching when I came back down to my knitterly den.

I thought very seriously about Skew socks, but...I don't recall why I ruled them out.  I think it may have been a gauge thing.  They are so innovative that gauge would be crucial and I just didn't feel like doing that work.  Lazy am I.  What I really needed was a pattern 'lite.'

I eventually ended up with the Swirl Socks.

It's amazing.  These have just the right touch of that special sock something that makes you unable to stop knitting no matter how exhausted your hands are.  It's like knitting stripes only more so.  Like stripes on steroids.  You cannot stop knitting and when you do stop, you cannot sleep because your brain is still busy working.  It's counting and purling and...

Well, you know.  I finished 3/4 of the first sock late on Saturday.  Then I finished it and started the second sock in bits and pieces of time on Sunday.

    They are bright and cute and all the things needed to banish a wee case of the heel and toe blues.

I have heels to do on two pairs of socks, and then there is going to be a number of days doing repairs on socks. 

Only then will the sock drawer be fit for winter.  Till then, a whole new pair, heels worked in, are almost ready.  And that bright Fluoromania colour is going to lift my spirits through the darkest of winter nights. 

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