Friday, 2 September 2016


I don't think I knit at all yesterday.  I was gallivanting. 

My second son took possession of his house yesterday and I am so excited for him.  And me!  It will be my next move and will be my last with a little luck.  Or at least, the last for many years.

Plus, there is a garden.  I will have a real garden, not huge but a garden.  And manageable flower beds that are well filled and maintained.  The only thing it lacks is that it faces north and south with only one bedroom window east.  I won't have my morning light pouring in, but that's ok.  The trade off is that the living room ceiling has a light.  And fan, but the light is so much a bonus to me.  No more feeling like I am working in the dark.  The living room will be more or less my territory  and it will be a fine stdio/study/library. 

And closets!  Tons of closets.  Darn.  I hear little people.  I must get a move on.  The short people are hungry.

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Christine said...

I am so excited for you! The house looks wonderful. And not too far away!