Monday, 12 September 2016

Something in the air

The Fall air must be funny.  It is making me do all kinds of things I don't normally do.  Knitting a sock pattern

obsessing over finishing a sweater rather than being totally comfortable with it sitting in the WIP bin for a year (OK, this is valid.  He is growing like a weed.)

And this.

I bought not just one knitting magazine, but 2. 

I haven't bought knitting magazines on paper for several years.  If I did buy them, I was buying a digital copy and there was something I really really wanted in them.  Heck, I don't buy regular magazines of any kind.  They are all just too expensive and they are, in essence a throw away item.  Now, a book on the other hand...

But these magazines just looked so fresh and...

So they came home with me, and I really really enjoyed the reads and the ads and the thumbing through paper.  But as much as I like it, these are pretty much throw away things and before long, they will be in the bin.  I will pull any patterns that I am positive I will want to knit.  The next batch of magazines I buy will be digital.  It makes so much more sense.

But just for this moment in time, I am really enjoying the paper.

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