Friday, 9 September 2016

Binding off

I bound off a shawl today.  It was magic. I love that part.  It doesn't matter if it is a shawl or a sweater or a pair of socks.  I just love the cast off.

When you cast off stitches, it is the final proof that you did something.  That you completed a task that you set yourself and nobody but you did that.  In that moment, all the things that you ever felt that you failed at, or weren't good enough to do become invisible and fall by the way side.  Nobody did this but you.  No one did it in exactly the same way as you, or worked with the same yarns, or knit in the same flaws. 

It is yours and despite its quirks and flaws (or not) it is a finished thing, utterly unique and yet  part of a greater whole.  It is one of a group of many other shawls made using the same pattern.  It touches the thoughts and minds of knitters from all over the world as they interpreted this same design and connects you to your people:  knitters.

No one can take this away from you.

Right.  I did say that I was going to finish that sweater, didn't I?

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