Wednesday, 31 August 2016

All Heels, All the time.

Once again, I accomplish little and yet so much. It all depends on your point of view.

I finished three heels today, which sounds as if life must be pretty dull, but seriously, I am running after the cheeriest most inquisitive 2 year old on the planet.  Heels are all I can cope with!

These are the 2 gift socks I have been working on.  Almost ready to go.  I just have ends to weave in and heel grafts to do.  While I might not mind a 3 needle heel bind off, others probably will.  They will get smooth grafts.

The really neat thing about that pretty blue and gray pair is that the remainder, after this pair and the pair for Cassie, came down to just the smallest bit, not even enough for a single heel.   

That's yarn use at it's best.  The bit will go into the bin for monster socks down the way.

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