Monday, 29 August 2016

Weeks end

This weekend marks a big moment in my family. 

My big brother, my only brother turned 60.

This photo is stolen shamelessly from my sister.  Happy Birthday, Lionel!  I haven't knit him anything yet.  I really ought to make him some socks or something.  He is pretty knittable for a brother.  He is a huge support for me. 

There should have been a lot more knitting done.  There should have been at least one project done, but I think a very big part of why these things aren't done is that my knitting life is filled with should haves.  Had I followed through on my plans, I would have completed the should haves and would be knitting a new sweater for myself or something else exciting.

Instead, I watched movies, and knit desultorily.

I finished one set of heels and worked on this.

This should have been finished.  I am on the last section, and then have only the finishing bit of black to do to turn a plain Wingspan into a masterful stained glass effect one.  Maybe not masterful.  It is me knitting after all, and I only rate garden variety knitter.  It does have the effect of a masterwork though, which is as good as I can get.  It has turned out very very well.  The soft shades that remind me so much of beach like days, are framed and captured for all time. 

Tomorrow perhaps.  There is always tomorrow.

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