Thursday, 25 August 2016

A parade of heels

The parade of heels continues. 

I finished set one this morning. ( I wasn't child minding today so there was lots of time!)

I am really pleased with these.  There were times knitting the pattern, where it got frustrating, but that was a matter of the gradient yarn being a little too close to the dark gray plain colour.  Still, it was a good lesson to learn.  Watch your colour choices.  Think it through.

Up next was this pair.

I decided to go with plain stockinette this time.  You can also see quite clearly that I did not graft the heel, but am using a three needle bind off.  The first pair also uses this join.  Few people do this because they feel they are going to feel a lump.  I don't.  Ever. 

I have been doing ridges and layers and things as I knit the patches for my large hole sock repair and not once, have I ever felt the edges or the three needle bind off that I have used.  I have tough feet, I guess.  With no sense of rthym, but that is a different story. 

One fun fact of knitting this heel.  The yarn is doubled but the match is so good you can't see it at all. The very first round had about 6 inches of the darkest colour, but then morphed into blend perfectly with the rest.  Pure chance which makes it really cool.  I have tied the two ends  of the ball of yarn together so that can continue for sock two.

But there was other knitting today too.  I made time to get out and go knit with friends tonight and gosh darn it, that was enough heels for one day.  I pulled out another take it anywhere no stress project.

 I used to have a large jar of nice yarns back in the day of the bright yellow study and one day, I noticed that I had a bunch of things that just worked together.  Two fluffy angora things, one chunky, and a bunch of fingering weight pretty things.  Only 1 was a new yarn.  All the others had been knit in some way or other before.  Some yarns have successful projects on my Ravelry page and others were complete failures with the yarn recovered.  Grays and taupes and blues and one creamy white.  I wasn't sure about the white, but now that I have more than one line of it, I like it.  It keeps it from being too grim and dark. 

Everyone who sees it asks me what I am making and honestly, I have no idea.  The project is based on a gorgeous wrap they used to have at the yarn store using a real mix of gorgeous yarns.  It was huge, done on larger needles and was a wrap that just enveloped the wearer.  The original design was an Estelle Yarns pattern which is sadly, no longer available.    Basically, you knit every row and cut the yarn on every row to form a long fringe.  Garter stitch optional.  Or at least that is what I recall.  I am not really a fringe person, but when the pattern demands it...

I have it almost wide enough for a good scarf, but I am not ready to stop knitting it.  I also have a ton of yarn left, so I am kind of thinking of knitting a second and joining them to form a small cowl sized poncho like thing.  Not the giant all encompassing standard poncho but something that always keeps it's shawl like roots firmly in the forefront.   I wouldn't do the fringe on the second piece giving me a nice clean edge to join to the first.

I knit and watched a movie or two and then I knit with friends.  And that was my day and it was good. 


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