Wednesday, 31 August 2016


I struggle somewhat to find a writing routine right now.  Mornings are difficult because they vary as the kids vary their wakeup schedule.  That is one of the principle things I do.  Get up early.  But it is difficult to write when small people are waking and needing breakfast.

Tuesdays have been a skipped day lately, and that's sad, because Tuesday is some of my most exciting times.  Tuesday morning is my spinning morning.  I meet with a friend and we just spin.  My work will never be perfect, but it is getting to be very solid.

In the afternoon, I knit a heel, and started a second and that is about it from me today.  With some luck, the kids will cooperate and there will be a completed pair shortly.  The heel-appaloza continues apace.  

All heels, all the time.

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