Tuesday, 16 August 2016

If I post late

enough, it counts for tomorrow, right?

I wanted to show you my spinning today.  Not fancy.  Just simple natural coloured Shetland for my Shetland shawl gradient dreams.

and yes, I do have gradient shawl dreams.  I have had them far longer than gradient shawls have been popular.  It just seemed to me to be a lovely way to blend the soft natural colours in a traditional shawl of some kind.  I have a very large collection of fibre to support that dream.  And someday it might even be spun!

I'm getting to a place where I am going to have to either ply a bunch of things to free up bobbins or at the very least, wind off the bobbins on to some of the many cardboard spools I have.  I've have one project that is currently taking up 3 bobbins in it's pre-plied state.

But one step at a time.  I have this bobbin done, I am pleased with its more or less consistent weight and twist and for right now, that is enough.

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