Monday, 15 August 2016

It's that time of year again.

It's the time of year when the fall knitting magazines are out.  It is my favourite time of year.  Knitty has been out a few weeks and Twist Collective is just out.  I have seen a copy of the fall Vogue and wow.  Interweave must be out there too.  I just haven't seen it yet.  These are the riches of a world where knitting is a wonderful thing.

To say I spent time dreaming this weekend is not wrong.  I did.  Much ruminating about the next knit for me, and some feeling guilty that I haven't finished Isaac's sweater or his mom's sweater. 

 I did knit though.  Lots.  I knit on Onerva and pondered the pattern as decreases rather than increases.  I knit, but I think I have to rip it back.  There is something I am doing wrong, but I am not sure what that is.

I sorted out my pickup after Marcus helped me knit on my wingspan shawl and have that back in order.  I must say, I really enjoy knitting this one. It's simple garter stitch but not something you can knit blindly.  Every row there is something to think about, but that something repeats so it never becomes too much. 

But mostly, between these and looking and dreaming and hoping I was doing stuff right, I finished socks.

 I love these second pair of Geek Socks.  They really are fun to knit but I might be over it.  It could be a very good thing that I only had two nice clear striping yarns for these socks.

I came across a rarity in the yarn too: a knot.  Two in fact.  There was an obvious oops on the production line.  It flipped out the pattern change in the greens, and then again in the peach.  It left a section of incomplete colour runs, and short runs.  It interrupts the flow of things but it does not compromise the socks itself.  So it stayed, but it was a rarity.  I have seldom come across a knot in a skein of sock yarn.  Not sure why that is, but there it is.

If I had been knitting these for someone else, I would have sorted it out better, but these are mine and it isn't going to matter.  I have almost enough socks to be getting on with. Time to knit more complicated patterns?

Perhaps.  I leave socks to be something spontaneous.  Oh wait!  All of my choices are sort of spontaneous.  Time will tell.

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