Monday, 1 August 2016

All The Things

I am stealing a line from Ali Brosh and her most interesting book, but it best describes my weekend. 

It was going nicely if a little eccentrically, till it got better.  I managed to knit on all these things

on Friday and Saturday.  I know.  Maybe a little crazy but I could not settle.

I actually completed one thing by Monday night.

  This pair goes to my niece Micki.  I just need her shoe size and the heels will go in and I can send her brothers socks to him and these to her.  I didn't think it right to leave Micki out of having socks.  Her mom has some.  Her brother will, so she is getting some too.

And lots left to make Cassie a pair from the leftovers.  She has been asking for socks like this every time this yarn went upstairs. 

And like I said, after that, my weekend went bad.  Really bad.

If I tell you that one of the better things that happened was that the cat was locked in my room by accident and peed on my bed, you will understand just how much worse it got. 

Our well has to be replaced.  As in we haven't had water in the house since Saturday. 

Did I mention that the cat peed on my bed?  Yeah. 

And that was my weekend,  my summer long weekend.

Also, I am drinking hard Rootbeer and I don't even care if it shows. 

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