Tuesday, 2 August 2016

And then.

When all the world is falling around you, really the only thing you can do, is sit back and wait for the fall to hit bottom.  So, after a horrid couple of days, and that really good hard rootbeer, we are doing better.  We found a company to dig a new well and he got the job because he was lovely enough to bring a thousand gallon tank and pump to the house for us to use till he gets here next week.  We think he is the loveliest man ever.  It will cost an arm, but not an arm and a leg, bu, we will have water.  And baths, and clean laundry. 

Until then, I hope you will like this little thing.

When I wrote the post yesterday, I had forgotten that through the worst of it all, I finished this too.  It was simple seams and armhole bands, so not a lot of work, but it felt like work that needed a lot of thinking.  It wasn't and once Cassie saw it, she wanted to wear it.  That made finishing a breeze.  She wore it all day today and she says she feels beautiful.

She is of course.  The top is alright too, but nothing can overshadow that shining little sweet, silly gentle kind heart. 

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