Thursday, 25 August 2016

A darn good cowl.

I finished my quick cowl the other day and put it to immediate use.

Even with a sweater, that little extra something really helps take the chill off.  I have it on again this morning.  I can see it becoming part of my everyday.  It isn't long enough to double, but it is just right to tuck into the neck of a jacket without getting too thick over your chest, like some scarves do.

I did work on heels yesterday.  I thought about all those worn ones in my drawer too.  With the worn heels in mind and a rather large skein of black yarn left to work with, i decided to double up the yarn and knit a really sturdy tightly knit heel, in the hopes that I will get a longer life out of it.

I've also had better luck for a longer heel life with a garter stitch heel, so that came into play as well.  A good sturdy garter stitch heel.  Lookin good.   The floor here and in my next abode are not carpet so that should help a great deal, but no point in taking a chance.  Good sturdy heels are my best hope.

That is for me today.  More heels are in the immediate forecast, and from the chill coming in the window, I would say this is a good thing.

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