Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Yesterday afternoon

Do you recall how I was saying that I was going to give myself a little treat?  Something to mark the sale of my wee house?  And how I was contemplating tools but then decided to go for some delicious yarns instead?  Well things changed.

Shortly after I posted my blog item a knitter/spinner posted a piece of equipment up for sale on our local group's 'Garavelry' thread. (local garage sale on Ravelry) I blinked for about 15 seconds and posted a message to her that I was very interested.

We quickly came to a deal and I arranged for pickup, and voila.  It is mine.

I have two fleeces that I intend to card and a couple bags of stuff that I really want to play with, and this little puppy should do the job admirably.  Who knows where that will lead to?

The 2 drums are set a little close together but I shall play, and I am looking forward to it.,  However, before play, comes work.

And renovating a basement is a lot of work.

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