Tuesday, 14 June 2016

And then something happens...

and all the plans are tossed by the wayside!  But this is so exciting, I can hardly speak. News of it tomorrow!!!

It wasn't much of a knitting day.  I worked on socks.

 In between moving and sorting through things in the family room and kids play area (under renovation at the moment) I managed to knit a few rows and am now about halfway up the foot of a sock. This is the pair with that interesting Aladdin heel.  Lots to look forward to, lots to dream about and imagine, such as can I repeat the heel on the first sock exactly?  And the ever popular question, just how many gusset stitches did I cast on?

Lots to think about and yet, while mired in the joys of renovating, it came to me how long it feels since I finished something.  I checked later in the day.  Over a month.  No wonder I feel at odds.  I am missing the gratification of having something complete!

But, just wait till tomorrow';s news.  Lots of interesting coming up.

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