Wednesday, 11 May 2016


I had such a wonderful day yesterday. Spinning and knitting and talking fibre all day.  Perfect.

I am really pleased with my spinning too. In the morning, while spinning with a friend, I picked up a project that was midway to completion.

My default spinning seems to be quite fine, and I started this project to see if I could force myself to spin thicker.  My goal is for a loftier 2 or 3 ply.  My spinning yesterday is not too far off what I did on starting this project over 2 years ago and that pleases me.  A lot.

I knit in the afternoon on a couple different things, but before bedtime, I had the urge to go back to spinning.

I didn't want to do the greens so I pulled out what I had been working on on my larger wheel last summer.  I haven't sorted out the right chair for the larger wheel yet, and haven't found a place where I can keep it and work on it, where the kids won't play with it, so I thought that I would give the small wheel, my repaired Victoria a try and see if I could get the same result on it.

So far so fair

It's reasonably consistent with the other bobbin.  I have about a third of this half braid left for this bobbin and I am really looking forward to plying it to see what it turns out like.

It was the most rewarding lovely whole day. 

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