Thursday, 19 May 2016

So. Much. Fun.

There used to be a song that played on the radio.  I think I even saw Peggy Lee sing it on Ed Sullivan.

 I used to wonder if that song had kind of infected me somehow.  When everyone around me was having the time of their lives, that song would play through my mind, and I would find myself wondering, "Is that it?  Is that all there is" to all the usual things everyone else seemed to find so much fun in.  Sports.  Parties.  Dances.  Shopping.  Peggy Lee played in my head, and I would wonder what was wrong with me.  These were childhoods secret fears, and it took years to find the things that filled my soul overflowing with fun. **

Now this.  Is.  Fun.

Pockets.  Simple pockets.  They were so fast to knit and fun to figure out how high, how much slope I needed for the perfect boy pocket.  It was just fun. Deeply rewarding, richly satisfying fun.

I am not so foolish as to tell non knitter's how much fun.  They would never understand it, but I feel pretty safe admitting it here, shouting it out to the world.  When you have to figure out something, and at the end, it is so very perfect as this pocket.  It's the most fun thing.

Part of what made it so much fun was sorting out the join at the top of the sweater.  The pockets were picked up at the bottom and then were knit to the top.  My original plan was to graft the remaining live stitches to the sweater front, but that proved to be awkward and not a lot of fun at all.   So I decided to pick up stitches and do a three needle type bind off.

It made the most delightful little detail.  I am now busy debating the merits of sorting out a 3 needle bind off join for the pocket sides.

Fun.  My kind.

** To be clear, I never felt that last part of the song. Mr. Needles and my family was and remains, an adventure every step of the way.  

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