Friday, 20 May 2016


Do you see it?  I didn't at first.  Not till I was laying it all out for the pockets yesterday.  Can't believe how I missed that when I put this picture up.

 And see this?  Yet another variation.

Sigh.  At first when I saw this, I thought maybe I grabbed the wrong colour of yarn.  I had 3 bags of dark denim, 3 bags of medium denim and 3 bags of sparkly denim. But no.  The 3 bags of medium denim are still in the container.  I checked.

The darkest of the blues pictured was from the first bag, which is where all the yarn for Carter's sweater came from.  The lighter is from a different bag, same dyelot. What is really interesting is that the pocket is from another new ball, from the same bag and has a distinctly different colour, though not quite so strikingly different as that first change.

I've been debating about this all day and I think that I am going to keep on and see what happens when I wash it and get it ready for blocking. I might need to do a slight acid wash after the fact?  

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