Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday review

I was looking through everything I worked on this week and was wondering what I hadn't mentioned.   The sweater!

I am still working along on the sweater for Isaac. 

You can just see the little cable that marks the faux side seam and you can see that I am getting close to the length.  Or at least close to the length I am going for. 

This is probably the last sweater I knit for him for a while, so I want it to fit for a bit.  I am hoping for a 10 ish sized sweater and a little longer than average.  He is truly at the point where they grow taller without getting a whole lot broader.

It's kind of at the point where I should try it against another shirt of his to check the size.   That might be my mission this week.  To measure it.  Or have him try it on.

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