Wednesday, 6 April 2016

You might not remember but

I sure do.

Remember this?

These are the heart wrenching photos of the damage I did to my Victoria spinning wheel when I tripped on her in the dark last fall.  I've been putzing about getting her fixed.  I did take her to my LYS, but those ladies are so busy running that I am sure it slipped their minds.  I didn't buy it from them and in a lot of ways, it was pretty ballsy of me to ask them to sort it out.  My bad.  

I really do want the wheel repaired.  I hate that is just sitting useless, so I sent out an email to my supplier at Shuttleworks and I got the answer back today.  Way way less cost to repair than I thought.  I am just pleased as punch! And, I remembered to ask for a couple of replacement whorls for the high speed flyer so that it can be used on both of my wheels.  This is a real bonus and something I am really really looking forward to.

It still will take a couple weeks to get things sorted, but in the meantime, I can dream of a road trip in the not to far off future.


Sel and Poivre said...

Fixing good tools is such a satisfying exercise isn't it?

Christine said...

If you want company, and/or a driver, for that road trip - sign me up!!!