Friday, 8 April 2016


It is Friday again and all I can think of is where the heck did the week go? I have been moved here 3 weeks and while I am settled, sort of, there still is a lot to do.  It gets a little better everyday but little is the operative word.

I haven't knit much these last few weeks.  I am starting to crave completion and finishing. Resolution.  Perhaps that is the more accurate description of what I feel I need. 

To that end, I am going to focus on lace and getting my pretty little Bridgewater done. I started it so long ago, and I have a hankering for it.  What I really am looking forward to is the lace.  It has such a lovely border pattern and such a pretty edging. 

Right now all I have is a garter square but as you can see, I am well along on the small end of the work.  Each time I pick it up it moves faster.  

I know where the book for the pattern is, hiding on a mildly inaccessible shelf, but next week, I hope to get to a reorganization of the shelves, and when I do, the lace will begin.

Each small stitch making part of the whole, moving along.  Just like days.

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