Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Goffing around with stripes.

Every once in a while, Ok, maybe a lot of the time, I just feel like goofing around with yarns.  I start with an idea of what it will be but I don't have a real clear idea of how I will get there.  This past weekend, I could have knit on a hundred and one things, but my hands wanted to play.

 So they did.

I just started knitting and stripes happened, and then different stripes happened, and I am thinking different stripes will happen again.  The stripes aren't really what interests me on this shawl.  On this one, it is the yarn.

The last time I went to Custom Woollen Mills with FrazzledKnitter, I picked up some of their new sock yarn, a fine two ply blended with nylon.  Previously, all their yarns were pure natural fibres and the new yarn felt really nice.

And it is.  I am not sure why it has taken me so long to work with!  It's really quite pleasing.

It is a simple yarn, as was their original sock yarn.  A basic, sound yarn, with all the magnificent qualities of mulespun yarns. And the added softness and toughness of nylon.  It's the softness that makes this such a different and delightful experience.

It keeps the earthy homey texture but softens up just the right amount that it will make a great wearable. 

I can see this yarn being really great for good warm socks, but also for hats and mittens, and scarves.  I already know that I would and will make a sweater out of this yarn but then I am a rather tough nut when it comes to yarns.

It's a little like the difference between ordinary paper and the heavy glossy clay filled paper that is sometimes used for magasines.  This is ordinary paper, with just enough gloss to make it yummy.

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