Monday, 4 April 2016

Next to Next

It feels so fast after I moved that the retreat weekend came up, but it really wasn't.  It just feels that way and when a thing feels that way, there is only one person who can change how it feels.  Me.  Overwhelmed is something that lives in my head and I fully intend to get it out of there.

I am going to do that by knitting more and knitting more regularly.  To that end, I took along a dozen things to work on for the retreat.  I hoped to finish my Bridgewater Shawls center, but It wasn't what felt restful in my hands.  I started something new.  I would even show it to you but it is still in my car. 


I think I will tell you about my other next up project.  

Years ago, I was given much of my mother in law's stash.  Some went to her friends to knit and crochet prayer shawls for people in their community, but there were quite a number of things that came to me.  

My niece who was closest to Grandma, just had a wee little girl, such a sweet little thing who looks a little like her great grandma who is also my aunt.  Ok, that may warp your mind. My niece through my husband's family, happened to marry the grandson of one of my aunts.  That she looks like her pappa's grandmother, who just happens to be my aunt is only natural.  It just sounds weird.  

Because my niece no longer has her special grandma to make her something for her little one, I will.  Sort of Grandma through my hands.  I am going to use a pattern that I know her Grandmother enjoyed.  It was made for my oldest many many years ago and I saw it being made for other babies along the way. I would dearly love to show it to you, but I can't seem to convert the pdf file of the pattern cover to a format that I can insert here.  Sigh.

Wishing I had saved a copy differently.  

I guess the surprise will also be yours!

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