Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Giant Cowls and Little People

My granddaughter and I came down to my room to do a little work yesterday when my wee powerhouse Marcus was having a nap.  I was knitting, she was playing a letter game on my tablet.  It's chilly down here during the day.  The sun shines in brightly upstairs and the furnace doesn't run at all during the day, so wool is de rigueur for afternoon sits in the basement.  

Cassie wormed her way around on my bed.  She snuggled under blankets, but you know how it is when you are three. Falling asleep should be avoided.  She kept worming her way out.

I had this long end of the wrap that kept falling off the bed. so I tucked her feet into the tube.  She really liked it and pretty soon, there was much wriggling to snuggle deeper into it.  Pretty soon, the knitting was happening almost at her toes!  But she was warm and content and very quiet.  I looked over and this.

  She only slept for about 10 minutes, all tucked and snuggly in the tube that is my knitting.  As we were heading upstairs to get her little brother out of bed, Cassie said, 'Grandma, we were really fun', which is her little girl between, two languages way, of saying she had lots and lots of fun. 

Makes me wonder if what I really ought to be knitting is just a giant cowl for little people.  

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