Monday, 28 March 2016


Easter came and went and I hardly saw it.  I was so focused on getting the last things done at my house that I forgot it most of the time.  By the end of the weekend, those tasks were done and a fair bit of knitting happened.

 I'm pretty pleased with this panel.  It turned out well and has wonderful texture and density that is never found in a cabled knit.  Perfect except for that one thing.  And nope.  Not going to fix it just yet.  Maybe someday down the road.

I am now on the final panel.  It was a bit  of a challenge to find a design that was complimentary to the first panel.  I think my choice is working though.

This final pattern is Zentimeterband or Centimeter Tape, or design number 89.  It has much more structure than the very first pattern on the far end, but it is a good match to lighten the very heavy cabled look panel right beside it.  It is also a 5 stitch repeat and it is as easy as pie with a purchased crust.

My goal has always been to finish this before the end of March to meet the Knit Girllls Craft All the Things challenge.  I should make it by the skin of my teeth.  The sampler part will certainly be done.  I am going to do a simple garter border, for speed, and it is going to be narrow just to be done.  My original plan was to knit a fairly wide border but in a lot of ways this really doesn't need it.  I thought that it would need something substantial to anchor it, but the wrap is very showy.  Much more so than I thought it would be.  When you see the whole mass of it, its length and width, I think you will agree it is pretty good as is.  There is about 6 inches of this last panel left to knit and as lovely as this has been, I am ready for it to be complete. 

Time for a new challenge.  Next up, the plain and simple knitting of Pole by Joji Locatelli.  There is also a sweater for Issac to knit in my favourite thing ever, the denim yarn.  I hope both of these will be speedy knits.  For summer wearing.  Maybe.  You know how it is.

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