Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Mind, She is a Wandering

As soon as I finished working on my twisted sweater, I picked up the Still Light tunic to get back to serious work on it.

One of the things I wasn't enjoying was the needles I was using to work the sleeves.  I usually use slightly larger needles for the sleeves.  My gauge tends to be smaller and more even because of all the sock knitting.  The needles I had in the gauge I wanted were a set of 4 needles and I hate, hate, hate knitting with only 4 needles.  I slipped it onto a short circular needle, but that just was not making me happy, plus, as the sleeve grows smaller I am going to need dpns anyway.  I kept digging around and found these, which are slightly smaller than the ones I had been using yet still just fit into the same size hole on my needle gauge.  If the worked gauge ends up a little different, c'est la vie.  Anyway, I am settled now and made pretty good progress yesterday.  

Knitting theses sleeves, gives me time to contemplate this.

This is the yarn I was going to use for my Twisted Stitch Sampler wrap.  When it got voted off the island, so to speak, it stayed sitting out among all the other yarn that's in my working area right now.  As I was working on the sleeves, I found myself thinking about what it could be used for instead. 

It is a full cone, or almost full cone, of Custom Woolen Mills mule spun single ply yarn.  There should be something close to 1500 metres here. Somewhere in the cone stash, there are also partial cones of blue and green and white.  I found them in the discount bin at the mill store and they were all, really, just too good of a deal to pass by.  I originally only picked up the blue, green and white cones, thinking mittens or socks, but when the red cone was dug out by the staff member who said there was more coned yarn in the bin, I went for it.  SWEATER, was my first thought.  Colourwork was my second.  So I suppose that this lovely toothy single will once again be a sweater in my minds eye, with some blue, green and white colourwork.

Which made me think of the last time I was at Custom Woolen Mills.  Last time,  I picked up their new sock yarn.  Or maybe it is 'newer' sock yarn.  I don't ever remember seeing a wool and nylon yarn in the line up before.  Contemplating the red single made me think of the yummy softness of this newer yarn.  And how much I am looking forward to working this strikingly soft yarn from a rustic mill.  Which got me to thinking about...

Beware the wandering mind.  I am knitting a project that doesn't really need a lot of attention right now, so the mind is free to wander the depths of my stash, and dream of all possible things, of shawls and lace and wraps, and..

But dreams they will remain, at least for a little while.    

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Sigrun said...

I keep yearning for a road trip to the mill, but I don't need any yarn. BTW do you need some dimensions for the potato bags?